Principal Investments

Established Investment Platform

Our Principal Investment division is an integral part of our strategy to achieve long-term capital appreciation. Our experienced investment team manages a diverse portfolio of assets across multiple classes. Fast decision-making and in-depth industry knowledge enable us to identify opportunities across multiple sectors. Our focus area include financial services, fintech, healthcare and real estate.

Synergy-Focused Investments

Informed by insight from our own operations and business network, we invest in companies that offer synergies with our existing businesses, are geographically complementary or protect us from cyclical business movements.

Seamless Partnership and Network

We work with external partner funds, which are selected based on their medium-to-long-term track record, strategic fit and access to co-investment opportunities. Our comprehensive global network continues to expand, enabling us to seek out the best partnerships at the most opportune times.

Agile, Professional Team

Our portfolio is led and managed by an experienced and professional team, with a deep understanding of a wide range of industries and markets. The team is supported by state of the art technology and exceptional middle and back office talent – all focused on enabling smooth, swift and prudent investment decisions.

A sample of past and present investments include:

  • Wuxi Pharmatech
  • CMIG International
  • Social Finance, Inc.
  • Fairstone Financial Inc.
  • GEvent Financial Services
Work With Us

Our staff are the foundation of our success, and we want them to grow with us.

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