About Us

Sun Hung Kai & Co. Limited (the “Group”) is an investment firm headquartered in Hong Kong. Since its foundation in 1969, the Group has owned and operated market-leading businesses in financial services. Leveraging on its heritage, experience and network, the Group aims to generate long-term capital growth for its shareholders through a diverse yet complementary portfolio of businesses and investments in multi-asset classes. It is the major shareholder of leading consumer finance firm United Asia Finance, and a substantial shareholder of Everbright Sun Hung Kai The Group currently has about HK$41 billion* in total assets.

*As at Dec 31, 2018

Our Strategic Approach

To achieve long-term value creation, our strategy has focused on maintaining a balanced position of assets, seeking opportunities that complement our strengths and that can broaden our future earnings base:

Finance Businesses have been the core of our business since our foundation in 1969. Our portfolio of market-leading companies act as a facilitator and liquidity provider to customers, ranging from corporates to retail customers.

Our Principal Investments division leverages our operating expertise, network, and capital to seek out and invest in a diverse selection of opportunities across multiple asset classes.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is simple: to create value for our shareholders as an all-weather investment partner. Through the years, we have a proven track record of delivering strong and stable returns, even during times of major financial crises. This is achieved through an unwavering commitment to our five core values:


We maintain an innovative business model that blends strategic vision, industry insight, a solid network and investment heritage


We remain true to a disciplined investment strategy that best protects our stakeholders’ interests.


We uphold the highest standards of business ethics, accountability and integrity, and play our part as a responsible corporate citizen.


Our investment portfolio is managed by an experienced and diverse team with deep operating expertise across multiple geographies.


We strive for excellence on all fronts by constantly fine-tuning our investment protocol and operations.

Our people are crucial to our long-term success and we will continue to attract, retain and reward the best talent by offering ongoing training and career development in a collegial and merit-based environment.

Work With Us

Our staff are the foundation of our success, and we want them to grow with us.

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